FEP & Blond


In the second part of 2016 Blond Productions and Freelance Entertainment Projects (FEP) decided to join forces. Under the Blond Productions brand, we have become an unstoppable force in the events industry.



Blond Productions has always been a front runner in television productions complimented by a big corporate client base. FEP focused on corporate events, festivals and theatre productions. By joining forces, our teams, knowledge & experience, will ensure that every client now enjoys an even better service & bespoke event.



The merger allows us to offer our clients more, bigger and better equipment. Our team also grew in numbers, combined knowledge and varying expertise. Everything from conceptualization to the final truck being loaded & returning to our shop after yet another successful event is streamlined & seamlessly executed. Let us take care of the technical aspect of your event, making your life that much easier.